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Dive Sites

See why Mawada is on so many divers' must-do list! There are sites for everybody, with big sharks, relaxed turtles, and peaceful coral reef diving. We recommend staying for at least a week to take it all in. Below is just some of what awaits you in Mawada!

Mawada Shark Dive

This is the signature dive that put the little island of Mawada on the global diving radar. Wake up extra early in the morning to experience the thrill of diving with sharks such as lemons, tigers, blacktip reefs, and more! You might even see a sailfish.

Mawada Shark Dive dive site

Turtle Cove

After an exciting morning of shark diving, it's time to chill with the most relaxed animals in the ocean, turtles! Turtle Cove was named for the turtles that appear almost every day. They don't mind divers at all. If you're chill, they will be too.

Turtle Cove dive site

House Reef

If you prefer diving on your own schedule or don't want to get up early to catch the boat, check out our house reef! We offer unlimited diving here, so you can dive as much as you want, when you want. You'll see lots of colourful reef fish. Look out for stingrays in the sand!

House Reef dive site