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Prices, Payment & Terms

All prices are in US$ and include taxes. Make sure to check out our package deals! Special pricing for groups of 12 or more people is available, please contact us for information.

Fun Diving (certified divers)

Price (US$)
2-Dive Boat Trip
Early Morning Shark Dive


Price (US$)
GDI Try-A-Dive Course (includes gear rental)
GDI Certified Diver Course (includes gear rental)
GDI Emergency Diver Course


Price (US$)
1 Tank Nitrox 32%
6 Tanks Nitrox 32%
Nitrox with a Package (see below)

Equipment Rental

Price (US$)
1-Day Full Rental Gear (mask, snorkel, fins, BCD, regulator set)
Full Gear Rental for Try-A-Dive & Certified Diver Courses


Price (US$)
2x 2-Dive Boat Trips + 1 Early Morning Shark Dive + Nitrox
4x 2-Dive Boat Trips + 2 Early Morning Shark Dives + Nitrox

Payment & Terms

We accept payment by credit card, processed via Paypal or Stripe. We can also accept bank transfers to our Australian bank account in Australian dollars.

We require a deposit of 20% of total cost for all dive services, including courses and gear rental. The deposit must be paid in order for your booking to be considered secure, so it's best to pay it at the time of booking.

Final balance is payable by 30 days before your scheduled start date. Failure to pay the balance could result in forfeit of your deposit. If you book less than 30 days before your start date, then 100% of the payment will be due at booking.

We offer full refunds for cancellations of diving and courses up to 90 days before your scheduled start date. If you cancel within 90 days of your start date, but before 30 days, the deposit will not be refundable. If you cancel within 30 days of your start date we will refund 50% of the total cost. If you no-show without cancelling, we do not offer any refund.